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Arcarco Signature Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Arcarco Signature Paint Protection Film (ASPPF)


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Arcarco Signature Paint Protection Film (ASPPF) is the key to protecting your paint surfaces from potential damage. Though commonly known as PPF, can be either transparent or colored. The film is most frequently installed on automobiles, akin to screen protectors for smartphones. ASPPF will protect your car paint from scratches, rock chips, and watermarks with a compact structure and enhanced hydrophobic characteristics. It will also offer impact protection from minor dents and collisions.

Paint Protection Film

Dual TPU Layers*

*Applicable to HP Max & HP Matte.

Arcarco Signature PPF is a self-healing transparent protection film that able to protect the paint and prevent the car from unrivaled scratch and stain resistance. It is tough, durable and effortless maintenance.

Arcarco Signature flagship PPF – HP Max & HP Matte series, contain dual layers TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which has high UV-resistant ability, it also preventing the film to turns yellowish.

Arcarco Signature Paint Protection Film (ASPPF) is designed to protect your car from UV exposure, stone chips, abrasions, and road grime. It can be applied to any smooth surface, for example, mobile phone, laptop etc.
ASPPF comes with 2 types of finishing, clear glossy or satin matte. It can be applied to your whole vehicle or interior.

Get it professionally applied by a Arcarco dealer / professional installer to high-impact, vulnerable areas of your car.

ASPPF Pre-cut System


• Significantly reduce the installation time

• Lower the risk of damaging car paint

• Precisely cut to fit most of the car’s
exterior or interior

• Reduce films usage and wastage

• Aesthetically better looking than handwork

Pre-cut system eliminate the risk factor of hand-cutting films during bulk installations and give you precisely cut film that will fit your car desired panels, no matter it is the car’s exterior or interior. This pre-cut system hugely reduces the installation time and lowers the risk of damaging
the car paint or car interior surfaces by handwork.

It is backed by a 5-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Arcarco Signature Paint Protection Film (ASPPF) Series

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