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Certificate of Limited Warranty and Installation Record

ARCARCO warrants its window film products, for the duration of this warranty, against window film defects causing peeling, bubbling, cracking, demetalizing, or delaminating, when the film is properly installed by a ARCARCO dealer. In the event that the ARCARCO film is defective, ARCARCO will provide replacement film and installation of the replacement film by ARCARCO dealer. Installation of replacement film under this warranty shall not extant this warranty or create a new warranty for the replacement film.

This warranty DOES NOT cover glass breakage or insulated glass unit seal failure.This warranty DOES NOT cover improper installation of ARCARCO film. Window film installers are independent contractors and are not agents or representatives of ARCARCO, and no window film installer is authorized to represent that he is an agent or representative of ARCARCO. ARCARCO shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or cost caused in whole or in part by improper film installation, improper care or maintenance of the window film, non-conforming applicants or uses, or any problem other than defects in ARCARCO window film.

The benefits under this warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedy against ARCARCO for any loss arising out of the sale, application , and /or use of responsible for, or liable to any party for, any economic loss or physical harm, or any incidental or consequential damages or special damages. Some states do not allow the limitations of liability set forth herein, so same or all of these limitation may not apply to you.

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