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CFS Series
Arcarco Signature Window Film



Arcarco Signature multilayer sputter window film is considered the best and most advanced window film, it is a professional quality metalized window film that provides maximum heat rejection and aesthetic appeal. The sputtered film has more than 12 layers of micro nanoparticles and precious metals, for examples nickel, silver, titanium, gold, platinum, and other premium metal materials. The metalized layers are extremely fine and have highly effective at blocking certain radiation bands from direct sunlight.

Sputter film produces a minimal mirror effect, colour shifting, and heat absorption while retaining high reflectivity of radiation. Sputtering technology is a highly complex process, and like deposition technology, the magic takes place in a special vacuum chamber. The cost to manufacture films using sputtering technology is unsurprisingly high, which means these films are the top-grade window films in the current market.

Product Specifications

Visible Light Transmission 71%
Ultra-Violet Rejection 99%
Infra-Red Rejection (950nm) 89%
Infra-Red Rejection (1,400nm) 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 61%